Shazam Lamb – From Farm to Fork!

We locally breed, grow and finish our own specialty Texel lamb in the surrounds of Ballan. Our Texel lamb is grass feed and hormone free, specifically bred to be naturally lean and tender. Raised in a low stress environment produces exceptional tasting lamb.

  • Animals under 12 months of age
  • Carcass Weight 22–26 kg
  • Texel and Dorset Cross Prime Lambs
  • Pasture raised No Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP)

Shazam Lamb prides is of the highest and most consistent quality premium Lamb on the market. Our premium Lamb are raised on the Zammit Pastoral farms in central and western Victoria, regarded as the finest natural lamb-producing region in the world. Raised on a pasture-based diet of natural clover and rye, with supplementary feeding if required. Carcass weights of 22 to 26 kg are targeted to ensure consistency in quality and cuts.

    Our philosophy is simple – caring for our stock creates an environment that is less stressful for the animals and leads to high quality meat. 

    Our lamb is processed a short distance from our farms which also means that stock are not on transport for long periods of time.

    And we are competitively priced with the larger chains but offer a much higher quality – perfect for households as well as restaurants, hotels, cafes and pubs.

    Try out Shazam Lamb today – we know you will love it.

    Restaurants, cafes and hotels

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