Bacchus Marsh and Ballan Local Butcher has more than just the finest quality meat. Our range of more than 35 different varieties of sausages are award winning, our smallgoods are sourced locally and our delicatessen is always stocked with a large variety that’s sure to please everyone!

One of our best kept secrets is our very own Shazam Lamb range – our own brand you can purchase direct from our farm to your fork!

We also have a large range of fresh vegetables making your visit to your local butcher a real convenience and the one place to get everything you need for the perfect dinner.

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Roast Shazam Lamb Leg


Products Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

At Bacchus Marsh and Ballan Local Butchers, our products are 100% Australian grown or made. Everything in our stores is from our own farm or sourced from the very best producers our region has to offer.

Products Sauages


With over 35 different varieties on rotation we are sure to have one to please. All our sausage making is done in store, two to three times per week, using natural skins, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

Products Smallgoods


Our smallgoods are sourced from only the highest quality local producers, Fabbris Smallgoods in Campbellfield and Country Style Smallgoods in Ballarat. We love keeping things local!

Products Sher Wagyu

Local Sher Wagyu

Based at Ballan in Central Victoria, Sher Wagyu is from a local family owned company Beefcorp Australia which breeds Fullblood and Crossbred Wagyu on their Victorian & Southern NSW farms, managing all stages of production from conception to consumer. Buy Sher Wagyu direct from us!

Products Meredith Dairy


Bacchus Marsh and Ballan Local Butcher’s delicatessen range is continually growing with over 13 different types cheeses from our local producers Meredith Dairy and Goldfields Farmhouse cheeses. We also stock items like quince pastes, olives, duck fat – just to name a few.

Products Shazam Lamb


We locally breed, grow and finish our own speciality Texel lamb in the surrounds of Ballan. Our Texel lamb is grass feed and hormone free, specifically bred to be naturally lean and tender. Raised in a low stress environment produces exceptional tasting lamb.



Pastizzi are a traditional Maltese pastry. The pastry is made from layers of thin, flaky dough similar to phyllo dough, with a range of different and delicious fillings! These are the perfect takeaway option for lunches, dinners or events. Pick up cold and simply pop in the oven to serve. 

Ham and Bacon


Something new can be found at Ballan and Bacchus Marsh Local Butcher… Our very own BLB smoked Ham and Bacon! Using fresh local produce and smoked in store, our smoked ham and bacon is seriously next level. You can pop in and purchase or give us a ring for larger orders.



As well as making our own pies, we often collaborate with other businesses – such as our friends at Robs British Smallgoods. To stay up to date with our new products, collaborations or group orders, pop in or follow us on social media! Follow us on Facebook or Instragram.



Kilcoy Beef

Premium grain-fed beef offers consistent eating quality with exceptional flavour and tenderness. Healthy cattle for the basis of our quality products.

La Ionica Poultry

La Ionica chickens are different. The air-chilling method ensures that all La Ionica chickens are processed without the addition of chemicals and are hormone and steriod free.

Otway Pork

Otway Port is ‘Australian Certified Outdoor Bred’ and raised in straw lined shelters. You’ll always have the confidence of serving delicious, natural, lean and tender pork.