Ballan Local Butcher formerly Salvatore Regional Butcher, was established in 2007 by the highly regarded butcher Salvatore Fusca. Salvatore’s focus was high quality meat and customer service providing both outstanding quality, fresh cut product and great range of value-added products to his customers.

Over Salvatore’s tenure his range of sausages gained a following from far and wide and received many awards for their quality and unique flavour.

In 2017 Salvatore Regional Butcher became Ballan Local Butcher when the business was purchased by theZammit Family. The new owners, members of the Ballan and District community for more than 25 years as farmers and business owners retained the strong focus on quality and customer service. In addition to the business’ existing values the Zammit family have also focused on selling high quality local product, which includes the shop’s Shazam Lamb range that comes from the family farms.

After many more successful years, Shane and the team expanded the ‘Local Butcher’ franchise to Bacchus Marsh – opening Bacchus Marsh Local Butcher late 2023.

We could not be more excited to see what comes next!

Shane in Ballan