Ballan Local Butcher is a family owned business

The Zammit family have been farming in the Ballan district for decades, with livestock production being at the centre of our operation. We are very passionate about our animals and we believe that “if we look after them, they will look after us”. We use a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art farming practices to deliver our customers a consistent, high-quality product, whilst maintaining exceptional animal welfare standards. 

Our current farming model incorporates our early breeding farms in the west of the state and our later breeding and finishing farms in the Ballan district. This diversity of environments enables us to supply premium beef and lamb to our customers all year round.

Our hands-on approach at each stage of production allows as to have an intimate knowledge of our final product, enabling us to deliver a true Paddock to Plate experience.

Our Western breeding farms include proprieties on the Glenelg River which are fertile, undulating treed lands and provide the perfect conditions for a stress-free livestock environment.

The Ballan and district farms, with their typical high rainfall and long growing season, allows for the growth of high-quality pasture and finishing crops. This enables us to finish our livestock using a pasture-based system which reduces stress and improves eating quality.

We are continuously looking at new technologies and improving our production systems to meet customer expectations and requirements, while at the same time improving the welfare for our animal


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