We are committed to providing Ballan and the surrounding townships with exceptional, locally sourced and produced fare, served to you with a friendly smile.


Our meats are sourced from our own farms  and responsible suppliers, are chemical and hormone free, with the welfare of the animal one of our main priorities.


Think Local

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Being a butcher is an ancient trade, whose duties date back to the domestication of livestock.


The old-school butcher knew how to make shopping less of a chore, what you and your family liked, as well as your name! They imparted advice and inspiration and stood by their products.


Butcher shops have changed over the years but here at the Ballan Local Butcher, we believe in the old-school values and approach to serving our customers - quality isn’t just a buzzword and we really do believe that the customer comes first!



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Now stocking – Local Sher Wagyu

“Shane, the wagyu was beyond belief - exquisite! Thanks for being a great butcher. There was great argument about whether the wagyu was better than the Grange, it was in that class." Martin

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